Top 5 Choices for Securing Your Home Windows

Top 5 Choices for Securing Your Home Windows
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With the crime rates increasing at an alarming level across the world, it is in the best interest of homeowners to beef up the security levels of their residences. While most of them integrate security alarms for their doors, they fail to pay equal importance to the windows. Since windows are the intruder’s alternate way to break into your house, make sure that you incorporate window security measures also to safeguard your house. If you are not sure about the kind of window security options available, read on to find out.

Window Locks

This is the first defense measure to be taken against burglary. It is crucial to get your window fitted with a high-quality barrel lock as cheap window latches cannot stop an experienced intruder from jimmying it in few seconds.  Remember not to leave the keys in the lock as they invite an intruder to break through the window. Ensure that you have interchangeable keys for all the locks so that you will not end up with a window that cannot be opened. Window lock is very basic security measure, which can be broken with some efforts. If you prefer a higher level of security, consider looking at one of the below measures.

Bars and Grilles

Few homeowners consider grilles and bars to be a very important form or safety. If you reside in a high crime region or if your house has a vulnerable part that you wish to protect then grilles and bars may be the right solution.


These are one more window security layer that is costlier than few other choices. However, they do offer a good deterrent to intruders and also help in other ways like enhancing the energy efficiency of your home and adding style and character to its overall look.

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Security Screens

Security screens like Crimsafe are now designed with such high standards that intruders would have to stretch to unusual lengths and create plenty of noise to force their way through. These are costlier than normal fly-screens but are really worth the investment, especially if you reside in a place with warmer climatic conditions were leaving windows open during the night is essential.

Window Alarms

Supporting your windows with sensors that are connected to alarms is a comparatively inexpensive way, thanks to the availability of portable wireless alarm systems. You can fix these near windows. They are powered by batteries and activated by a vibration sensor or magnetic switch.

Security Films

Security films are available in a variety of thicknesses and can be attached to windows as an extra safety measure. The main purpose of these is to prevent injuries from flying glass when the window is broken. Such security films hold the shattered glass in place. Though, they can also be a deterrent to an intruder who breaks the window glass and discovers that it has not disintegrated, calling for more efforts to enter through the window.

Apart from the above-discussed window security types, you can also consider options like window security bars, security sliding grille, and folding security gate.

At least, these security window films will delay a forced entry, providing the residents time to raise alarm. So, go ahead and improve the security of your home with these measures, and don’t give a chance to the burglars to have a free run.