Getting Ready For Proofreading

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Let’s look at the review editing and proofreading for the citizens what John has done is written a really good section about reviewing a pure synthesis exam what you want to do is divide up into groups of say three well first of all you want to talk about what the Levine’s similarities and differences are in the material note those and then you could even exchange your completed exams with each other to read so what John says is what do you like best about your peers synthesis why how much sugar you should do more of it is that paper clear as to what is being synthesized for example did your peer list the sources and say them correctly is that presentation always clear to which source that your peer is referring to at any given moment marketing places that aren’t clear is the thesis of each original story that clearly stated in the synthesis.

Because all of you have read or view the same sources now you can you can a super pure well I saw a different DC’s some different pieces than you do and then whatever difference is there what did that what did you see versus what that person noted you have noted key points from this material see what your peer noted are those points the same are they different your soul why what about your peers opinions in the synthesis what are they are they valid so where did you get lost in your peers synthesis point those things out to him or her what about the Oregon overall organs organizational structure does that work are there elements that are sort of spread out that could be brought together because they fit thematically if so point those things out in the structure the paragraph to the person use the inverted pyramid approach the important stuff is at the beginning followed by what explains it if not pointing that out what about mechanical errors grammar spelling sentence structure that kind of thing now you don’t have to come in at every typographical error every misplaced comma but if you’re seeing consistent patterns lots of misspellings lots of declarative sentences in a row that kind of thing went out to the person what John I have developed as a method of working together that we have found to be the most efficient is something that you can use in the running of the paper.

fFrst you want our ideas that they come to mind using speaking most napkins spiral notebook whatever media is available then organize your material into the appropriate structural framework that is the outline write your first draft in one sitting without getting bogged down with grammar and structure and all that stuff that’s writing Ernest Hemingway said that he always wrote drunk and then and silver we don’t recommend that you’re right but whatever for those then as I mentioned leave the finished draft alone until the next day we’ll go back to it asked when it appears another set of eyes to review your work and to make suggestions then make your changes then go to the professional or the writing clinic go to an English major then read aloud your semi final version when you read your work aloud you won’t be so struck as to where you stumble in your reading when you stumble in your reading that’s where the readers eye will stumble and he or she read your paper so you want to rework them so that everything is smooth that makes a huge difference.