Essay Is Not About The Language

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Don’t worry about the language it’s not to test your English skills it’s not to test how good you are in writing you know in English in writing framing very good sentences you’re not writing a novel contest here right you’re writing they say paper but the idea of writing but then why are they keeping a separate essay paper they could have just at 4GS paper and left it the idea is a was introduced somewhere and I think after the some committee report recommendations from 1980s I think this is a paper is that the ideas you are supposed to write note notes in your files currently leading to the topic and whether you are able to structure it properly but also many of the topics are a contemporary angle do it even if it is a philosophical topic you should try and bring a contemporary angle to it. Look at some great essay examples and articles onĀ Edusson.

You will have to extensively try and use statistics but the the way you give the statistics should be to substantiate your point but you should come up like demographic dividend skill Indian demographic dividend is a Maine’s question in gs paper – they are you this right average age of Indian is going to be 28 as against you know of the world average or even Chinese and Japanese average of 37 and 40 skill Indian training but in the essay when you write you write the same thing as an introduction saying that India is a young country with the demographic bounty which can be harnessed well can result in huge economic growth it is reflected by the fact that the average age of Indian between d20 will be 27 has come back to 37 in China and 48 in Japan it’s the same point Indian at 27 as against 37 in China and 48 in Japan scale India initiative will help in harnessing this potential that’s your main submitting sub point the same point in sa you have to frame it into proper sentence you don’t have to give a flowery language but you don’t write the same thing in the same paper paragraph.

You say India is a young country with a demographic dividend which harnessed well can result in substantial growth of the economy it is reflected by the fact that the average age of an Indian by 2020 would be 27 when compared to 35 in China or 36 in China and 48 in Japan so the same thing you write it so but you should try and bring in statistics that gives more credibility to you our paragraph an essay also right so so that is something so that’s why I keep telling please it’s even now when you are preparing when you’re revising and all that how a separate note just keep writing statistics separately in a note I mean the day before the exam day before essay exam the day before the gs1 used to exam the day before the GSD G is for exam just spend ten minutes and quickly or at least once before the overall example just pens on 10-15 minutes half not in going through those statistics one more time just revise those statistics and then automatically you will find it useful for putting it at appropriate places both in your GS paper as well as any receivable.