Book Review from essay service: Chef Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen

Book Review from essay service: Chef Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen
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The recipes do require several spices (but aren’t too spicy), but once you make a few of the dishes, you’ll have everything you need in your spice rack… Some prep work is involved, but no more than you’d find in any other cookbook. Once you start cooking, you’ll find that the results are well worth the time. I just took my first trip to New Orleans and was almost disappointed with some of the food because the recipes Chef Paul shares with you are better than almost anything you can find in the French Quarter.


Book Review: Let the good times roll.

Rating: 5 stars

I was given this book as birthday present, and I had cooked a number of cajun recipes on the box from store bought products, like Zatarain’s. This book takes you to a whole new level. This is for those cooks that love to try their hand at Cajun and Creole. My family, my wife, kids, parents, and siblings have had some of the recipes and love them. Like Chinese cooking many preparation steps are involved, along with phases for each dish, yet it’s worth it. Cajun is all about the spices and blending not the heat. I now can make dirty rice from scratch, its great. Can’t wait to cook the cajun meatloaf with the cajun hot sauce as the complement. As in Louisiana, have fun and let the good times roll.

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