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IELTS Writing Task 1: How to describe a process

IELTS Writing Task 1: How to describe a process

In today’s article I am going to teach you about how to write about processes. After this text you will write the perfect  essay. So, if you are taking the IELTS, this video is very important for writing task 1. If you’re not taking the […]

The Best Ways To Make Money Online from  top essay writer

The Best Ways To Make Money Online from top essay writer

Several individuals are eager and enthusiastic to earn extra money online but do not have a clue on how to go about it. Do not envy watching your neighbor, friend, or for earning substantial income from the internet. With willingness, desire, and drive you too […]

Rebounds Used Books as reported essay service

Rebounds Used Books as reported essay service

Rebounds is located at 110 Four Seasons Center in Chesterfield in the shopping center near Olive and 141. They are in the shopping center closer to Brunswick Bowling than the Dierbergs, and just a few doors down from the Medicine Shoppe.

It’s been open for about a year as of this month actually, and prides itself on being a great discount shop for teachers and educators.

When you walk in, the store is a wide space made of mainly three wide aisles of books consisting of a mix of different sized shelves and racks. Definitely a browser’s paradise without being too crowded!


The first row to the right starts with Dieting and Cookbooks, probably a seasonal section. Several shelves of romance follow, leading into fiction and mystery.

I noticed that within each genre, there was a clearly defined breakdown by subject matter thanks to neatly labeled shelves. Romance consisted of historical, contemporary, and so on. Fiction was broken down into historical, mystery, etc.

The next aisle behind you is mostly Contemporary Literature, curving around into the next aisle and turning into Sci Fi, Fantasy, and a small bit of Horror.

As you go up the 2nd aisle, the fictional subjects are even broken down into Adventure and Espionage. The opposite side is Biography, also broken down into smaller subjects as well.

There’s a small section of coffee table and Pet/Animal books at the end of the 2nd aisle with more nonfiction on the last aisle that frames the opposite wall. Classics and Teen/YA make up the inside of the third aisle with Parenting, History, Spiritual/Religion, and Business taking up the wall of the last aisle.

Each aisle end at about the middle of the store leaving a large space open in the back which is a hodge-podge of teacher supplies: sheet music, activity books, book with toy, DVDs, VHS tapes, young reader, picture books, musical instruments, blocks, cut outs and much more. I gave it all a quick browse, but I’m sure if I was a teacher I’d been in heaven.

The educational atmosphere of the store is very prominent with cutouts and signage hanging everywhere. Like I said, genres and subjects are clearly labeled including their price guide which I saw throughout the store making pricing on books easy to find. I learned you can even rent books here for just 50 cents a day.

They also have special discounts for teachers: Receive $1 off any purchase of $10, or $5 off any purchase of $25.

My only problem with the store is that I was the only customer in the store while visiting, and the one employee working stood behind the cash register and never spoke to me. I was in the store for at least fifteen minutes, browsing each aisle, but she never said hello. And she didn’t even speak when I left. So, you know what that means. Sadly, I did not make a purchase. I was very disappointed too because I had already found two hardcover books that I would have purchased had the employee just even said hello.

Would I visit the store again? Absolutely! If I was in the area and had time to make a stop. But this isn’t a store I would make a regular or special trip to unless maybe I was a teacher in need of bargains.

Book Review from essay service: Chef Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen

Book Review from essay service: Chef Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen

The recipes do require several spices (but aren’t too spicy), but once you make a few of the dishes, you’ll have everything you need in your spice rack… Some prep work is involved, but no more than you’d find in any other cookbook. Once you […]

Helpful Tips About Research Essay Paper Format

Helpful Tips About Research Essay Paper Format

Every time at the end of every school year students will always be packed with lots of exams and homework. Sometimes, they don’t even have enough time to have a good sleep. It is not uncommon that there are still a lot of research papers […]

That Trail of Slime Can Only Mean Slugs

That Trail of Slime Can Only Mean Slugs

Shiny, silvery trails leading away from your home and plants may, at first glance, appear mysterious and wonderful, until you realize that the visitors who left them weren’t the stuff of mythology – they were slugs! Not at all ethereal and lacking in social graces, these common pests may consume landscaping aggressively during the night, leaving their sticky mucus behind.

What Are Slugs, Anyway?

Slugs are mollusks that lack a shell – they’re closely related to garden snails, oysters, and clams. Like their snail cousins, slugs glide along the ground on a large, muscular foot using a layer of mucus they produce from their bodies. Because these garden pests lack a thick shell, they are most active at night, or on days when it’s rainy and cool; they hide in dark, moist places during the heat of the day.


When Slugs Attack

These sticky pests may invade basements looking for a safe place to hide from the heat of the day, or slugs may work their way under siding and hang around under porches. Besides leaving slime trails, slugs do no damage to structures, although their presence speaks to the potential for these areas to be invaded by more troubling pests.

During the night, slugs feed on rotting organic material or succulent plant growth when it’s available. You may wake to find that your favorite hostas have smooth-sided holes chewed throughout their foliage or that just-ripening strawberry fruits have been damaged beyond use after slugs have visited. Slugs often clip newly emerging seedlings at or near their bases, as well.

Slug Control Tips

Slugs respond to many control methods and are easiest to eliminate when you combine several different techniques. Using hand-picking or trapping, baiting, and exclusion together typically creates the most effective combination for slugs in the landscape once the favorable habitat is eliminated. In a basement, habitat modification and exclusion are often all that’s required before picking the few stragglers off the walls and scraping away eggs.

  • Habitat modifications for slug control involve removing wet, humid, or dark areas where slugs hide. Cleaning up debris in the yard and removing old, decaying layers of mulch from around plants make it harder for slugs to hide from the sun. Correcting drainage problems and watering early in the day creates drier, slug-hostile landscapes. Thinning plants with thick growth close to the ground allow better airflow, reducing humidity.
  • Hand-picking is time-consuming but can be effective for controlling slugs if you keep at it. Take a flashlight and bucket of soapy water to areas where you’ve noticed signs of slugs. Check within plant canopies, behind any objects, on the bottoms of pots and even under siding where slug trails are noticeable. Daily hand-picking is necessary to break the life cycle of slugs, but once they become difficult to locate on a daily basis, weekly monitoring is often adequate for prevention of future problems.
  • Copper barriers work by activating the slug’s nervous system – when the slug crosses copper, they experience a sensation similar to an electric shock. Understandably, this feeling makes them back away quickly. An unbroken copper barrier surrounding troubled gardens, trees, pots or porches will prevent slugs crossing into these areas, but also leaves those slugs already in the forbidden zones marooned inside.
  • Commercial traps are available for slugs, but any shallow container wide enough to hold your problem slugs will do when buried with only about 1/2 inch of the lip remaining above ground. Place traps near slug-plagued areas, then fill them halfway with beer. Slug traps are extremely effective but must be checked daily to remove bodies and be replenished with fresh beer.
  • Slug baits containing metaldehyde are readily available in hardware stores but pose a significant risk to animals and children when used in accessible locations. Iron phosphate baits are less common, but are usually stocked nearby – these baits are not dangerous for mammals but are just as effective as metaldehyde for slugs when used properly. Scatter baits in slug-prone areas, as well as inside areas surrounded by barriers. Slug baits must be replaced every few days and anytime it rains for best effect.

Slug control can be time-consuming – if your schedule doesn’t allow for frequent slug monitoring, you should consider calling a pest control expert. These professionals will consider the nature of your slug problem and provide an answer that best suits your needs.

Top 5 Choices for Securing Your Home Windows

Top 5 Choices for Securing Your Home Windows

With the crime rates increasing at an alarming level across the world, it is in the best interest of homeowners to beef up the security levels of their residences. While most of them integrate security alarms for their doors, they fail to pay equal importance […]

6 Genuine Reasons to Opt for Metal Carports

6 Genuine Reasons to Opt for Metal Carports

If you have decided to install a carport in your house or office, there are several options to take into consideration in order to make sure that you get all that you want from it. One of the most important factors you will have to […]

Vacuum Cleaners with Bags and Without Bags: What Should You Pick?

Vacuum Cleaners with Bags and Without Bags: What Should You Pick?

Due to the sheer fact that there is a range of vacuum cleaners and parts available in the market, it is a bit confusing to select the best product, especially for the first-time buyers who have no clues about various features of a vacuum, and their maintenance complications.

Identifying the Appropriate Type of Vacuum

First off, you need to identify the different types of cleaners and examine what suits your home environment and your lifestyle. The decision can be based on the flooring of the house, carpeting space, whether the home has stairs or not, as well as kids and pets you’ve. Once you’ve chosen the cleaner, you’ll have to consider many other factors in order for that product to work optimally. Choosing vacuum cleaner bags is as tough as a new cleaner and it can be based on few other considerations, such as performance, ease of use, durability, storage capacity, features, noise levels, and cost.

But, should you buy vacuums with bags at the first place, or consider the bagless ones? Well, here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of both types of vacuums, so that you may be able to make a well-informed decision.

vacuum cleaner

Pros and Cons of Vacuum Cleaners with Bags

The bagged cleaners are hygienic and require low maintenance. You’ll not be exposed to dirt when changing bags, making it the best choice for allergic and asthma patients. They need only minor filter cleaning, but performance can decline as the bag starts to fill up. If the bag doesn’t have an indicator light, it is difficult to judge when to change the bag. You need to be careful when replacing the new bag, as the accumulated dust inside the older bag can spread easily. Replacement bags should be purchased once a month or even 15 days if you do vacuum on daily basis, and that can become a considerable recurring expense.

Pros and Cons of Bagless Cleaners

Since these do not need any bag, it is better from the environment point of view. You do not have to purchase a new bag every month; hence you can save a good deal of money. The biggest advantage here is it allows you to check out debris and dirt picked up, ensuring suction isn’t lost and you can easily empty the container when it is full. The main cons are that such vacuums need regular filter cleaning, while some need frequent filter changes. When emptying the container, users would be exposed to dust, which might cause skin irritation or other health problems.

They are also relative expense in comparison to their counterparts.

Choosing the Right One Based on Personal Needs

Determine how green or eco-friendly you want to be, when it comes to your vacuums and environment. Bagless ones are better for surroundings, as only dirt collected would be thrown out, not the plastic or fabric fiber bag.

If you’ve been facing breathing or other problems from the cleaner, it is best to choose bagged ones, as they are created to benefit those with allergies and asthma problems.

Bagless models enable users to see the dirt levels, but they may require regular filter cleaning. Vacuums with bags may need less maintenance, but you can’t see the accumulation of dirt in a bag, and it may be hard to judge without an indicator.

So, it’s up to you to decide what’d suit your requirements better; remember, if you’ve got small kids or pets at home, you should consider the vacuums with bags.

Stunning Looking Drapes For Your Home

Stunning Looking Drapes For Your Home

Exquisite drapes can surely have a great effect on your overall home interiors and décor. If you are planning to change your old drapes, you must find great ideas for window curtains, so that you can enhance the ambiance of your home. You will be […]

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Exquisite drapes can surely have a great effect on your overall home interiors and décor. If you are planning to change your old drapes, you must find great ideas for window curtains, so that you can enhance the ambiance of your home. You will be amazed to see the difference gorgeous looking drapes can make to your abode. There are several things that you should consider before choosing the right drapes including finding the right fabric, pattern, and color.

Choosing the right fabric

Your efforts may not bear good result if the color and pattern of the fabric do not match the color theme of your room. It is also essential to check the size of windows before buying drapes since the wrong size may completely ruin the appearance of your home. Let your creative side take over when you go for shopping drapes for your home. There are numerous types of fabric and related accessories for drapes available in the market.

You can select beaded drapes, tab top drapes, sheer drapes, insulated drapes and other types of contemporary drapes for your home. However, ensure that the drapes are selected according to the architecture of your home. It is recommended adding accessories to further enhance the look of drapes. You can easily get tassels, curtain rods, tracks, chronic boards and valances and other related drapes accessories in the market. If you are looking for a wide range of patterns, colors, and style for drapes, you can also check online stores that are selling them at a very reasonable cost.

looking drapes

Selecting the Style for drapes

You may select French pleat drapes if you want to have formal looking drapes for your home. These pleats add sophistication to any room and flow straight. Box pleats can be used in drapes with thin fabric. If you want to avoid excessive sunlight in your room, you can consider adding a line along with your drape. Nowadays, many people are using insulated drapes in rooms where they want to block the entrance of excessive sunlight.

The fabric of insulated drapes is much heavier than normal drapes. Another benefit of using insulated drapes is that they help keep the room warm in winters. Many homeowners prefer using panels with drapes. You can enhance the beauty of a panel by decorating it with accessories including decorative rods, valances, and ornate rings. You can also purchase drapes with laces if you want to have a classic appearance in your room.

Drapes reflects your sense of style

Drapes are an important part of a home since they drastically change its ambiance. You can have different a type of drapes in different rooms according to your taste and needs. Select brightly colored drapes for your child’s room since they help create a cheerful feel. Elegant and sophisticated looking drapes add charm to your living room. You may use tassels and accessories to your pleated and layered drapes. For the bedroom, it is important to consider your privacy before selecting drapes. You should ensure to select drapes with heavy fabric for the bedroom. Texture and color of the fabric should be selected after considering the color theme of your bedroom. The right type of curtains can add zest, enthusiasm, and coziness in your bedroom.