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Essay Is Not About The Language

Essay Is Not About The Language

Don’t worry about the language it’s not to test your English skills it’s not to test how good you are in writing you know in English in writing framing very good sentences you’re not writing a novel contest here right you’re writing they say paper […]

Getting Ready For Proofreading

Getting Ready For Proofreading

Let’s look at the review editing and proofreading for the citizens what John has done is written a really good section about reviewing a pure synthesis exam what you want to do is divide up into groups of say three well first of all you […]

IELTS Writing Task 1: How to describe a process

IELTS Writing Task 1: How to describe a process

In today’s article I am going to teach you about how to write about processes. After this text you will write the perfect  essay. So, if you are taking the IELTS, this video is very important for writing task 1. If you’re not taking the IELTS, you can learn a lot in this video, because we will be covering some very important grammar and some very important vocabulary that you can use in your everyday life also. Okay? So, if you’re taking the IELTS, this video is great for you; and if you’re not taking the IELTS, this video is also very good for you.

Okay, so first of all: What is a process? Okay, well, so, if you are doing the IELTS, there are two different writing components: task 1 and task 2. Sometimes you will get some pictures and you have to write about them on the IELTS. So, these pictures show a process. So, a process is pretty much showing different stages or steps on how something is made, or how something works, or how it’s created or produced. Okay? So, the key thing here is that you’re looking at different stages on how something is made, created, or produced.

Processes can be natural or they can be man-made. So, for natural, if you can imagine in science you might learn about how photosynthesis works with plants. Okay? You might learn about how mushrooms grow. Okay? How animals mate. These are all processes. In terms of man-made, an example of a process would be how concrete is made, or even how chocolate is created and produced. Okay?

So, on the IELTS, you might, because there are different versions of the test… You may have to look at some pictures and describe a process, and describe what is happening in this picture. So, I’ve drawn a very simple process-okay?-and this is the process of taking the IELTS. Okay? So, in my picture, I have a student here, and they’re at their computer studying different videos and different things to help them prepare for the IELTS. So, this is my first stage or my first step. The second step in my process is actually taking the IELTS, and the final step is the student looking very happy, saying: “I got a great score.” Okay? Because they studied a lot and they practiced a lot.

So, on the IELTS, you will not get something like this that’s this simple. It’d be great if you did, but usually the processes are more complicated. They’re more complex. You might have 10 pictures of something like how to make coffee. But the key here is you will see a bunch of pictures, and you need to figure out where the pictures start and where they finish. What is the final product? Okay? So in this case, the beginning is watching this video, and the end is getting a high score on the IELTS. Okay? In making coffee, maybe the first process is getting the beans. Maybe the last process is actually drinking a cup of coffee. Okay? So it’s good when you see a diagram to figure out: Where’s the beginning, and where’s the end? And also thinking about: Is it natural or a man-made process?

Okay, so if you are taking the IELTS and you get a bunch of pictures in the writing section, a couple key things here. You will have to write 150 words where you describe the pictures. Okay? And you have 20 minutes to do this. So, what you pretty much need to do is summarize what is happening in the picture. So, you’re just reporting the main features, you’re summarizing what you see. You are not giving your opinion. Okay? You do not say what you think about the process. All you need to do on the IELTS is say what you see and describe it. Okay? You’re also not adding information. If you know about, for example, how to make a cup of coffee and you have to describe this process, maybe you have a lot of information you know about this. But if you don’t see it in the pictures, you don’t write about it. Okay?

The Best Ways To Make Money Online from  top essay writer

The Best Ways To Make Money Online from top essay writer

Several individuals are eager and enthusiastic to earn extra money online but do not have a clue on how to go about it. Do not envy watching your neighbor, friend, or for earning substantial income from the internet. With willingness, desire, and drive you too […]

Rebounds Used Books as reported essay service

Rebounds Used Books as reported essay service

Rebounds is located at 110 Four Seasons Center in Chesterfield in the shopping center near Olive and 141. They are in the shopping center closer to Brunswick Bowling than the Dierbergs, and just a few doors down from the Medicine Shoppe. It’s been open for […]

Book Review from essay service: Chef Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen

Book Review from essay service: Chef Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen

The recipes do require several spices (but aren’t too spicy), but once you make a few of the dishes, you’ll have everything you need in your spice rack… Some prep work is involved, but no more than you’d find in any other cookbook. Once you start cooking, you’ll find that the results are well worth the time. I just took my first trip to New Orleans and was almost disappointed with some of the food because the recipes Chef Paul shares with you are better than almost anything you can find in the French Quarter.


Book Review: Let the good times roll.

Rating: 5 stars

I was given this book as birthday present, and I had cooked a number of cajun recipes on the box from store bought products, like Zatarain’s. This book takes you to a whole new level. This is for those cooks that love to try their hand at Cajun and Creole. My family, my wife, kids, parents, and siblings have had some of the recipes and love them. Like Chinese cooking many preparation steps are involved, along with phases for each dish, yet it’s worth it. Cajun is all about the spices and blending not the heat. I now can make dirty rice from scratch, its great. Can’t wait to cook the cajun meatloaf with the cajun hot sauce as the complement. As in Louisiana, have fun and let the good times roll.

So, that is it for today’s article. Thank you so much for reading! I hope you liked it. If you did, and even if you did not, please share your opinion the the comments section below. I am very interested in what you have to say, it helps me to make my blog a bit better every day. I also hope you are interested in this information and will find it useful. If you have any suggestions or questions please also leave them in the comments section below. I am reading all of your  comments and taking them into consideration. Thank you and have an great day!

Helpful Tips About Research Essay Paper Format

Helpful Tips About Research Essay Paper Format

Every time at the end of every school year students will always be packed with lots of exams and homework. Sometimes, they don’t even have enough time to have a good sleep. It is not uncommon that there are still a lot of research papers […]

That Trail of Slime Can Only Mean Slugs

That Trail of Slime Can Only Mean Slugs

Shiny, silvery trails leading away from your home and plants may, at first glance, appear mysterious and wonderful, until you realize that the visitors who left them weren’t the stuff of mythology – they were slugs! Not at all ethereal and lacking in social graces, these […]

Top 5 Choices for Securing Your Home Windows

Top 5 Choices for Securing Your Home Windows

With the crime rates increasing at an alarming level across the world, it is in the best interest of homeowners to beef up the security levels of their residences. While most of them integrate security alarms for their doors, they fail to pay equal importance to the windows. Since windows are the intruder’s alternate way to break into your house, make sure that you incorporate window security measures also to safeguard your house. If you are not sure about the kind of window security options available, read on to find out.

Window Locks

This is the first defense measure to be taken against burglary. It is crucial to get your window fitted with a high-quality barrel lock as cheap window latches cannot stop an experienced intruder from jimmying it in few seconds.  Remember not to leave the keys in the lock as they invite an intruder to break through the window. Ensure that you have interchangeable keys for all the locks so that you will not end up with a window that cannot be opened. Window lock is very basic security measure, which can be broken with some efforts. If you prefer a higher level of security, consider looking at one of the below measures.

Bars and Grilles

Few homeowners consider grilles and bars to be a very important form or safety. If you reside in a high crime region or if your house has a vulnerable part that you wish to protect then grilles and bars may be the right solution.


These are one more window security layer that is costlier than few other choices. However, they do offer a good deterrent to intruders and also help in other ways like enhancing the energy efficiency of your home and adding style and character to its overall look.

window security

Security Screens

Security screens like Crimsafe are now designed with such high standards that intruders would have to stretch to unusual lengths and create plenty of noise to force their way through. These are costlier than normal fly-screens but are really worth the investment, especially if you reside in a place with warmer climatic conditions were leaving windows open during the night is essential.

Window Alarms

Supporting your windows with sensors that are connected to alarms is a comparatively inexpensive way, thanks to the availability of portable wireless alarm systems. You can fix these near windows. They are powered by batteries and activated by a vibration sensor or magnetic switch.

Security Films

Security films are available in a variety of thicknesses and can be attached to windows as an extra safety measure. The main purpose of these is to prevent injuries from flying glass when the window is broken. Such security films hold the shattered glass in place. Though, they can also be a deterrent to an intruder who breaks the window glass and discovers that it has not disintegrated, calling for more efforts to enter through the window.

Apart from the above-discussed window security types, you can also consider options like window security bars, security sliding grille, and folding security gate.

At least, these security window films will delay a forced entry, providing the residents time to raise alarm. So, go ahead and improve the security of your home with these measures, and don’t give a chance to the burglars to have a free run.

6 Genuine Reasons to Opt for Metal Carports

6 Genuine Reasons to Opt for Metal Carports

If you have decided to install a carport in your house or office, there are several options to take into consideration in order to make sure that you get all that you want from it. One of the most important factors you will have to […]

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If you have decided to install a carport in your house or office, there are several options to take into consideration in order to make sure that you get all that you want from it. One of the most important factors you will have to decide is the kind of material the carport is made up of.

There are many people who prefer a metal carport as the best bet for their needs. The metal carports are the latest trend in terms of protection and care for cars. Discussed below are six genuine reasons to opt for metal carports.

Wide Range of Metal Options

One of the important reasons why people opt for metal carports is the wide range of metal choices offered to meet every individual’s needs. The most important of the metal choices include aluminum and steel, with each having their own benefits. For instance, steel is a heavy metal with which you can construct a permanent and strong carport. On the other hand, aluminum is more movable and lighter, while also being durable.


Inexpensive Choice

Metal carport is a less expensive choice as far as a reliable car parking area is concerned. Building this kind of carport is a more inexpensive option when compared to building a wood carport.

Durable and Strong

One more good reason to consider a metal carport is for its high strength and durability. This kind of structure will no corrode or rot and will offer resistance to fire. It is really worth the price you invest in as it will last for several years. Though, you have to ensure that you don’t buy a cheap quality carport. Instead, opt to purchase carport kits from reliable manufacturers like Versatube Carport.

Ease of Maintenance

The maintenance part is also comparatively easier than other kinds of carports. You don’t have to keep sealing it or painting it as in the case of wooden carports. The metal carports don’t tear or rip, so there is no need to mend it on a regular basis. As far as maintaining metal carport is concerned, all you have to do is wash it regularly and clean any debris or dirt.


Unlike wood, metal carports are pest resistant. The wooden carports may be aesthetically more pleasing, but they also seem to be attractive to pests. But, metal is not prone to getting damaged by pests that could make their way into your carport.

Double Up as Warehouse

Since metal carports are known for their quality, strength, and ability to bear the everyday wear and tear, they can be used for many purposes. Apart from housing your vehicles, they can double up as a warehouse for storing vital merchandise as they can certainly manage the load.

These are only a few of the several reasons why this kind of carport is the best option for your carport project, while there could be many more reasons like flexibility in carport design and ease of construction. All these advantages make metal carports a great option for residential and commercial carports.

Author Bio:- Tony Williams is a carport dealer, who deals with all kinds of carports, ranging from metal to wooden. He emphasizes that each of these types has their own advantages and disadvantages, but it’s important to choose a reliable vendor like Versatube carport.